Initial-Job Walk Through
Color Applicators is a full service company. Before any production work is commenced, each room or area is thoroughly set up to protect your belongings. This includes the following:

  • Remove or move furniture
  • Tape off all carpets, floors and fixtures
  • Set up plastic shields to contain dust
  • Drape drop cloths
  • Removal of fixtures and electrical switch plates
  • Cover and protect all non painted surfaces


Our Preparation Standards 

Color Applicators Painting is one of the few paint companies in Northern Virginia that has ongoing training for proper preparation and the use of paint products. After all, we all know that good prep is the key to a good paint job, right? 

Below are just some of the ways we handle surfaces prior to paint. 

Filling of Wood, Plaster or Drywall

To patch nail pops, holes or other defects

To feather rough edges of wood and at times wall surfaces

Caulk and Seal
To seal loose joints like baseboards, windows, new woodwork and door frames.

Spot prime
To seal bare wood, stains or repaired areas.

Full Prime Coat

Primers are used only when the surface requires a full prime coat. A number of finish products are also self-primers, therefore saving the painter time. If a prime coat is needed, it is usually because of the surface is brand new. We use both oil and acrylic primers. 

Daily clean up
Your Color Applicators house painters strive to finish and 
re-assemble each room by the end of the day. 

When not possible, a convenient stopping 
point will be achieved.


*Please note, Color Applicators will always prep the surface prior to painting it. On some surfaces, a more thorough preparation may be needed such as stripping or even lead removal. Our estimates will explain what level or preparation we will be doing to your painted surfaces