What types of services does Color Applicators offer?


Color Applicators provides the following services:

Exterior Painting
Interior Painting
Wallpaper Removal
Staining Services
Power Washing
Wood Rot Replacement
Custom Molding Installation

Currently, Color Applicators does not install wallpaper.


What areas does Color Applicators service?

Color Applicators operates in all of Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Metropolitan Maryland. This includes the following:

Washington D.C.
Fairfax County
Arlington County
Alexandria City
Prince William County
Loudoun County
Montgomery County
Prince Georges County


How can I receive a free, no obligation estimate?

Color Applicators provides free, no obligation estimates. Simply fill out an estimate request or call at 703-862-3377. A Customer Service Representative will answer any questions you have about the Company, and schedule a convenient time to receive your estimate.

Your estimator will arrive on time and walk the project with you asking questions to clarify the scope of the work. Your estimator will present a book filled with valuable information about painting, as well as pictures and references from past jobs. Your estimator will then generate an exact proposal while you wait. There is no charge for this estimate and of course no obligation.

Why do I need to be home to receive an estimate?

Our Customer Service Representatives will schedule a time either after work or on the weekend for you to receive your estimate. The reason for this is simple: Color Applicators wants to craft a detailed and exact proposal to your specific needs as a homeowner. Since every house and homeowner is different, Color Applicators estimators meet with you in person to assess the needs of your project.

What if I want to paint portions of my house myself?

This is possible with Color Applicators. Be sure to discuss what areas you intend on painting and what areas you want Color Applicators to paint with your estimator. Your estimator will craft an exact proposal for your project.



What happens if there is a delay in my start date?

If there is a delay to your start date your Crew Leader calls the night before your scheduled start date to confirm the start date for the project.


Does Color Applicators require a down payment or deposit?

Color Applicators does not require a down payment or deposit. When you sign your proposal Color Applicators schedules and then performs the work. Payment is made at the final walk through once substantial completion is reached. This allows you to inspect the work and make sure any discrepancies are corrected.


Are Color Applicators painters trained and professional?

Color Applicators only employs its own professional employees. No sub-contractors or day laborers are used on your project. Color Applicators crews are trained on completing quality work utilizing Color Applicators techniques. You also perform a walk through at the end of the job with your Crew Leader to ensure your satisfaction is achieved.


Does Color Applicators use sub-contractors or day laborers?

Color Applicators does not employ any sub-contractors or day laborers on its projects.  All workers that will step foot on your property are employees of Color Applicators.


Does Color Applicators have insurance?

Color Applicators carries all the required insurance and documentation required of a contractor.


How long will my paint job last?

Color Applicators recommends repainting the exterior of your home every five years and the interior every six years. Color Applicators offers one year of warranty.


How is the price for my project determined?

When you meet your Color Applicators estimator he/she will determine how much time is necessary to complete the project you desire. That time is then translated into a detailed proposal with a firm price for the services rendered.


I have received other estimates. Why is there such a large price difference with Color Applicators?

Color Applicators is a full service company that offers top-notch service and quality for a fair price. When comparing other estimates to Color Applicators look at the following factors that affect price:
Some contractors shave material cost by reducing the brand or grade of paint by omitting the exact detail on their estimate. Color Applicators details the exact brand and grade on its estimates.
Surface preparation
 Some contractors reduce costs by omitting detailed surface preparation from their estimate. Color Applicators details the exact steps of surface preparation on its estimates.
Project Scope 
Some contactors have poorly written or constructed estimates. Color Applicators generates computer estimates that are easy to read and precise. This clarity reduces the chance of being billed for extra work you might have assumed once in the estimate.
Some contractors cut cost by not having the required insurance. Color Applicators will supply a copy of its current insurance policy.

Most contractors do not offer a guarantee. Color Applicators offers 2 years guarantees on all its work.

Most contractors utilize sub-contractors or day laborers. Color Applicators only utilizes its own employees.

Down Payments
Most contractors require substantial down payments before work ever commences. Color Applicators sets up payment after work has been performed. 


May I contact other homeowners you have performed work for?

Your branch manager will present you with a Client Manual filled with pictures and references form past jobs. You make contact these homeowners if you wish.

May I supply the paint on my own project?

Yes, Color Applicators offers this option.

Does Color Applicators offer a warranty?

Color Applicators offers a base 1 year guarantee eligible for all its projects.