Exterior house painting

Color Applicators Painting, located in Northern Virginia, provides complete exterior painting services. All of our painters receive ongoing training on preparation and painting techniques. We are also certified by the EPA to contain Lead Dust.

Color Applicators performs a multi-step preparation process on all jobs. This is one reason why Color Applicators offer a better warranty of any contractor in the Washington Metro area.



Exterior Preparation Steps

Hand Wash* 
To remove dirt or debris from trim.

Power Wash*
To remove dirt or debris from both siding and trim.

To remove loose or flaking paint.

To patch cracks, splits or holes in the surface.

To rebuild rough and uneven surfaces
with a compound.

To repair window mullions.

To feather rough edges and other loose paint.

To seal loose joints and seams to prevent water moisture from getting behind the substrate.

Spot prime
To seal bare wood, stains or repaired areas.

Full prime*
To seal all painted surfaces.

Wood Replacement*
Color Applicators employs full time carpenters capable of wood replacement. If you suspect areas of rotted wood please inform your Color Applicators representative. Be sure to ask about the option of replacing the rot with PVC trim to permanently solve the problem.

Daily clean up
Your Color Applicators exterior house painters will clean up your job site including storing all tools out of the way and collecting all rubbish.

*These steps are often omitted or listed as separate options as not all projects require these steps.


Color Applicators Painting can take care of all your carpentry and custom woodwork needs from wood rot replacement with PVC to custom crown molding and wainscot installation.

All carpenters are full-time employees of Color Applicators and are always sharpening their skills with ongoing training and keeping up on the latest in design.